Blast from the Past!

So I found this old notebook – pretty much covered. If it were a Kindle, it’d say 95% complete:

FullSizeRender (1)

So, what is its significance?

I started this notebook around the time I joined the Roundhouse Poetry Collective, around 09/10. I really wanted to perform in High School, but I was always too afraid to. Drama used to intimidate me so much, that I’d only be reading scripts and not doing anything with them. I’d write poetry but wouldn’t read it out loud.

The time I joined the collective, this all changed.

I pushed myself to go out and take part in Open Mics. I’d organised one for Enigma Magazine in 09, the first one I went to (which is a running trend for me, huh?) but I hadn’t read one of my pieces. One of the poets I’d signed up told me that I should have a go, and the thought stayed with me.

In the opening of my notebook, I wrote down a list of performances and open mics I’d read at. Soon the list grew to 16 for the first 8 months in 2010. I found I loved it more and more over time. The fluttering of nerves never goes away when you wait for your name to be called, but that soon dissipates and the feeling is amazing.

I’ve had a brief hiatus from performance poetry… well, not really. I wrote a series of Science Fiction monologues, Notes from Other Worlds, and read them along with some actors/friends of mine at the Centre for Creative Collaboration (which is unfortunately no more). I wrote plays and even acted in some of them.

My spoken word ranged from Fantasy to Urban, and a tiny bit of SF. I’m now finding my spoken word style in SF, inspired by my SF playwriting and my PhD. In sum, I don’t really feel that I’ve been away!

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