New Track and Dates!

Hi everyone!

Time’s going at a phenomenal rate, and I’ve tried to match it in terms of PhD edits and making tracks/poems. It’s going well so far! It’s been great to record bass again (for the record, I’ve had it for a while and am self taught/rusty) and well, play keyboard that isn’t for getting grades (although I’ve been thinking about returning to that life again if I get the money/time).


TL:DR – Here’s my latest Spoken Word track, Outlines

I’ve been working on an extended piece for Lunar Mission One – which is a crowdfunded project to send an unmanned robotic spacecraft to the South pole of the moon to test its suitability for a permanently manned lunar base in the future and also to leave a record of art, science and knowledge from its supporters. It’s a thrilling mission and I can’t wait to show you the poem I’ve made for them! It’s coming soon!

Next Monday (19th October), I will have a piece played on the Broken Circle Show on Don City Radio Station – which promotes music and poetry for established and emerging artists. I’ll be on somewhere between 6-8pm – click here to tune in!

Broken Circle Movement


Signing off,

Suzie x

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