Two Videos for the Price of One – Back to the Future Special!

To celebrate #Verseday, #ThrowbackThursday and #BacktotheFutureDay this week (that’s a lot of hashtags), I’ve made two videos. The first one includes a message to my Younger Self and the second is a #Verseday that focuses on the possibilities that Science Fiction has made for us in terms of technological innovation!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay of this video!

I’ve also done the Verseday, which you can see here:

As for the orange hair, I thought it wouldn’t suit my complexion, but it did 🙂 I may go back to it in the future!

If you want to do a vid/tweet/text response to your younger self, do let me know! x

Hi everyone! Apologies for the delay of the video!

So to coincide with Back to the Future Day yesterday and the video I made to my past self, I’ve seen an influx of articles on tracking our technological progress in terms of the film and how it viewed the future from 1985 to 2015. Naturally, this has led to a discussion as to the close relationship Science Fiction has to Science Fact. Here are some examples to get you thinking!–lyrfenu1he

There are many more, of course! 🙂

My personal favourites are the automatic sliding doors from HG Wells’ The Sleeper Awakes and Geostationary Orbit, which was actually first mentioned by Herman Potočnik and George O. Smith before Arthur C Clarke (whom the Clarke Orbit and Clarke Belt were named after). However, Clarke described the functions of it in more detail and spread the information more widely.

I might do a series on some of these. What do you think?

Hope you enjoyed it x

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