My First Trip to the East and Assorted Versedays

Hello everyone!

So I ticked something off my bucket list this year – I finally went to Myanmar/Burma for the first time. It only took me 28 years! It’s hard to believe that, despite being half Burmese and half English, I’ve never once stepped foot into the Eastern side of the world.

I’m still processing what I’ve experienced – I’ve always dreamed about it, but it’s always the best to see the place materialized and take form, dismantling and rebuilding my thoughts. I’ll write about it when I can 🙂

I didn’t neglect my Verseday duties, haha – here’s one I did in Myanmar!

After a packed trip of sightseeing, family and friend meeting as well as tasting the delicious food, we were then off to Thailand for my brother’s wedding! The resort is absolutely beautiful, housing some great memories and experiences (I’m sad to be checking out soon).

I’m so thankful to Richard and Michelle for their wonderful ceremony and letting me be a part of the action, including reading a poem that I wrote specially for their magical day:)

Here’s another Verseday, this time from the lobby around midnight – shhhhh!

Since I’m in a rush (as always), I should pack my laptop and be off.

See you soon in London town!

Suzie x

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