Bards to the Future!

So there’s an idea that’s been swilling around in my mind for quite a while now.

I have this fear sometimes that I spread myself too thin – the plays, the poetry (when really, it’s not that thin at all), because I have this focus, which can be hard to break out of. But there is a method to my madness.

I wrote poetry a while back before the plays, and I feel that the two mediums lend something special to me. Whilst a play can immerse an audience into a scenario where maybe the message floats in the atmosphere and can be inhaled slowly as the arc develops, I feel that poetry can be more direct – a punch with words or a freefall with a soft cushion at the end.

The links between SF and Poetry are nothing new; I’d recommend Seo Young Chu’s Do Metaphors Dream of Literal Sleep? (the title inspired by the Dick classic Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?), and these two youtube videos as taster:


With this in mind, I’m thinking about starting up a project on the back of Spoken Worlds. If we can have this direct message, combining the form of speculation with spoken word, then why not do a project on empowering poetry for the future?

In the Stars or Mars Theatre Company, I had a meeting with Futurists, Writers, Actors and Composers to find ways of collaborating – and together we decided on scenarios in which people could change things for the better in the future. This focused on topics such as peace within and on the outside, from the individual to a global scale to that of positive empowerment and happiness in the future. What would all of these concepts mean in the future and how could we attain them?

So Bards to the Future could be a collective where we could create short pieces to illustrate this. There’s never a better time than now, especially with all the harrowing events and hardships that have happened all around the world. Do let me know if you’d like to be involved! I think it’d be great to have Youtube videos, written pieces online, tracks on soundcloud etc. in the short term, and who knows in the long term?

As for the name, it plays on Back to the Future and the nature of the Bard, which Wikipedia describes as follows: “In medieval Gaelic and British culture, a bard was a professional poet/story teller, employed by a patron, such as a monarch or nobleman, to commemorate one or more of the patron’s ancestors and to praise the patron’s own activities.” Instead of a monarch and nobleman, what if we were to praise what could be in the future from now? It’d be great to see more uplifting, positive words and/or feelings in art in general, especially amidst the horrors and fears of today.

Let me know what you think!

Suzie x

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