Bards to the Future!

So, first things first – sorry about the delayed Verseday! I’ve had a stomach bug the past week and it’s made me rather behind on things – but I’m slowly catching up!

Here’s the project I started – called Bards to the Future. We already have some wonderful poetry from a school in Bolivia writing Lunar Poetry!

As an introduction to the project, I wrote a piece that you can see down below (that you can also find on this link). 

Happy Poetry Day!

Certainties were made to be broken

Laden with surprises, open

To be surmised

Conspicuous in its absence

In reference to Copernicus – heliocentric scripting

The flick of a new signature

As our ever-changing routes in the suits of knowledge to

Warp, mould, hold and take shape

The backbone of what realities are stuck onto, stacked on to create a body of knowledge,

A beautiful creature that people often longed to capture

Elusiveness through gleaning of signs running lines like words

Chased down with water

That brought us to an understanding,

Platforms of belief to be stood for

Starting from

Doodled starships on pages

Propelled by the strokes

Of pencils and ink

The spokes of imagination

Running without friction,

That even if our missions of mind became temporarily

With the pressures of Earthly age and responsibilities

That our abilities to imagine

Were stashed away for safekeeping with

Humanity’s dream to become a space faring species

Crafting realities

Seesawing between

Speculation and innovation

Bards to the Future

A commitment that lasted beyond the Earth touch of years.

At the same time

Remembering the pioneers

Who offered everything and more

To realise our store of potential energy of what our

Species could accomplish as a whole,

Spreading our stitch of space-time throughout universes

Sung in praises

Through databases of discovery – a space of art and science giving way

To archiving this apothecary of precarious creativity

But also reviving this space

Innovations for inventions

The tools to carve the corners of space that once evaded us

Only permissible due to the challenges and trials

Of the wonderful and brave people before us

So that our present and future work show signs of their sutures

For a mission bigger than all of us

For there to be the day

Where we saw planets

As worlds,

Houses, than homes

Each discovery a

Stepping stone

To the rest

Of the universe

Where we encouraged each other

To express our humanity’s adolescence

As we reached new stages

Of development;

Key to the puzzle boxes

That holds our thoughts and body together

A common question, a shared endeavour

That explored the nature behind all we knew

Behind the scenes

Riddles that drew upon

Bodies of knowledge that we had been grown into

Backwards engineering the realities

That we had taken for granted.

Suzie GeeForce

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