Award Eligibility Post

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are well!

As it’s coming up to Jan 2017, I thought it would be good to announce some work that could be eligible for the Rhysling Award. I sometimes feel a little uneasy about announcing things like this, but I think it’d be great to open up the comments to share your own work!

I feel that we as artists are told to keep our heads down and churn out work – which is good in a productive sense – but, considering the way that things are in terms of technology and engagement, there are so many tools that we can use to connect and engage with fellow artists and audiences that we could have never done before. There are always extremes to this, of course.

What do you think?

I only have a few for 2017 – here goes!

You can find out more about the Rhysling here.

Short Form

Recollections of Water

Cats in Computers

Category: Familial

Human, Post

Paper Dolls

Long Form

Robot Factory and Birdsong in Energy (or the Art of Keeping it Together)

I’ll do a round up post very soon!

Suzie x

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One Response to Award Eligibility Post

  1. Laomagination Media says:

    No, no, go right ahead. In the course of a year for those of us who are voting and reading, it can be very easy for things to get lost in a flurry, and posts like these are necessary and engaging to see how you’ve done, and where the arc of your poetic priorities have taken you. Consolidating them all into one place at least once, if not twice (like a mid-year review post) is very helpful to all of us. It’s not a guarantee of a vote, but it improves the odds that someone will recall a good piece was written.

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