2017 – Part One

So here it is, the new year! A socially conditioned empty space filled with opportunity!

So far it’s been rejection emails and weight loss tips. It must be January.

It’s been a weird one for me, as the uncertainty feels stronger than any other year. My mind likes uncertainty in small doses, but not when it throws the bottle at me. All I have are ideas, waiting for the right channels.

With uncertainty, it can be hard to see the path that has led to this. It leads to pessimism, something that has softly crept up to me in the past few months. It does suck, I have to say. If social media is a conduit to channel daily goings on in a positive light, I’ve been sucking at that too.

OK, let’s get that out of the way.

I’ve been doing yoga every day, which has really been helping. Yoga is one of those concepts that (in my own personal practice) doesn’t focus on future body goals but checks in with it in real time, checking what needs attention and what doesn’t. A pure feeling of being in the moment, of self-love. I guess that’s what I really need right now.

I’ve gotten back into coding, which has been great! Time really slips by when I’m learning and trying things out. I’m learning C# and Unity at the moment – it seems like a nice gateway to get back into the swing of things after 18 years or so (!). I’m building some poetry environments and hoping to do some neat things with them.

Hope you’ve all been well!

Suzie x

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2 Responses to 2017 – Part One

  1. Sounds like you’ve been keeping busy with most of the right stuff – sadly application rejections are only in your hands to some extent, and rubbish ads aren’t at all.
    I’ve had a couple of very uncertain years, and determined that I have no interest in a third. It’s tricky, but as you know I’m always about for a bit of cheerleading and mostly pleasant distraction, should you require!

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  2. Paul E. Bennett IEng MIET says:

    The glass just needs a top-up.
    I can introduce you to another programming environment which you may find even more philosophically enlightening. Speak to you soon.

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