The Drop #Verseday

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all keeping well as you can, despite the horrific news that we’re seeing all over the world.

Here’s the news story for this Verseday:

Here’s my book:

Here’s my show:!camden-fringe/sjtzm

Thank you for listening!

Suzie x

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Bards to the Future, part 2!

So this is the last day before I turn 29. Not that this is indicative of anything (although culturally, I’ve heard that 29 is the age at which people make the most impulsive life choices as they become aware of their own impending mortality), as I’ve come to feel how relative it is. Especially since I’ve been in a care home and a pub with the majority of people in their early 20’s in the same day recently – it’s how you carry the weight of people’s reactions, after all.

So I feel as though I’ve been putting Bards to the Future off too many times already. Well, not put off, but the follow up is never as strong as the opening appeal. So here goes, the second bite at the cherry!

Recently I went to the SFRA conference – Science Fiction Research Association – and this gave me an impetus to continue the thoughts that I had in my head. I went out of my comfort zone to an extent this year and talked about SF poetry in my paper rather than SF Theatre (which I guess I’m more recognised for). The reception was great and my heart did take it as a sign!

Joan Haran’s talk on SF as activism has really struck a chord with me as well. Amongst all the warnings and talks on dystopia, it doesn’t change the rate of technological advancement. There is still a digital divide, even if tech is more pervasive. For people in the thick of it, technology has made us more porous than ever – more hooks for connection (for good or ill). I want to do the former.

So what I’d like to do is a collective Youtube video about how we could empower ourselves in the future as a collective and an individual. This can be increasingly harder from recent events. We can’t tell if we’re in utopia if we haven’t walked through the hells before.

So here are the things I have as ideas for Bards to the Future so far:

  • A sharing page – whether it’s on my upcoming blog or my Youtube channel!
  • A spoken word event that I did last year called Spoken Worlds. I’d love to have people performing worldwide with Skype/Periscope as well as in person.
  • The GLIMPSE project that I started but haven’t followed through on (Gauging Live Investigations into the Possibility of Speculative Events) – collaborating with artists/musicians/poets/futurists
  • Continued work with campaigns for technological and health research (like the video I did with FutSci at

I also want to point out that if I have contacted you before for a collaboration or a sharing of work – I haven’t forgotten about you! If you’d still like to take part, do let me know!




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My Spoken Word Show!

Better late than never! I’m delighted to announce that I’m doing a spoken word show for the Camden Fringe. I’m excited and hella nervous, I have to say!

Here are the details for the show!


Synopsis: Enter MIA, interstellar artist. Her mission – to create a space of her own
on a newly found planet, armed with an archive of different lives, waiting
to be transferred into this new space. However, ownership and patronage
don’t seem to change when you escape Earth’s atmosphere…

Date Time Tickets Concs
Tue 23 Aug 2016 8:00pm £7.00 £6.00

You can buy tickets here!

Suzie x

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My First Poetry Collection!

IMG_3390 (2)

I’m so excited to have my first poetry chapbook out – an energy themed collection showcasing the multitude of ways it can be presented and understood!

I still have to pinch myself at times! Thank you to the wonderful people at Burning Eye Books/BX3 for helping me to create this. My editor, Harriet Evans, did such a sterling job and I’d definitely recommend them!

You can get the book in person (if you ask me nicely), and it’s available online (maybe) in



See you soon!



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Videogames – my new spoken word video!

This is a rough version of a Spoken Word video I made of one of the tracks I wrote and composed for my EP, Object Relations – Videogames!

Oh, and NPC stands for Non Playable Character – so the people you see in crowd scenes in videogames that will give you the same soundbite of information over and over again!

NB: The video also has subtitles of the lyrics! I’ll add them here too!

Hope you enjoy it! x

Bass and Keyboard – Susan Gray
Words – Susan Gray
Edited by Jorge Ba-Oh.

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Lines – A Collaboration with FutSci

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all well!

I wrote and performed this poem, Lines, for the FutSci campaign to treat Aggressive Brain Cancer in Children. Because the treatments available (like chemotherapy) are often too harsh for children’s bodies, there can’t be a one size fits all approach. It can damage them further down the line if the treatment does work.

This is where drug re-purposing comes in. The advantage to re-purposing is that it is faster and cheaper to source as a treatment for a range of conditions. It has been successful for many other treatments, and it could be exactly what children need to thrive.

I was particularly inspired and touched by this video – parents who have experienced this and want to do their part to make sure it doesn’t happen again:

The link to the campaign is here:…

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen/watch/read!

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My First Q+A!

So here are some questions that I put out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! Thank you so much for all of your questions and hopefully I will do some more soon!

00:48 Which SF Play/Book/Film has influenced you the most?

03:23 My ideal venue to perform at

04:11 My favourite robot animal

04:55 My favourite Star Trek captain

05:27 My favourite Video game soundtrack

07:56 The meaning of life/Walkway design in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Thank you all so much and see you soon!

Suzie x


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